Jennie's war diary
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With Best Wishes
From Saddler Hodges
76216 c/126 Bde R.F?.A.


This is a drawing of the crest of the Royal Artillery.  I’m unable to clearly make out the second letter in the in initials on the third line though I suspect that it’s most likely ‘f’ meaning that Saddler Hodges would have been a member of the Royal Field Artillery.

The Royal Artillery’s motto Quo Fas Et Gloria Ducunt translates as “Wherever right and glory leads.”

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Chorus of a song composed by a British Tommy while in the trenches

Ticklers Jam, Ticklers Jam
How I love old Ticklers Jam
Plum and Apple in one pound pots
Sent from England in then ton lots
Every night when I’m asleep
I’m dreaming that I am
Forcing my way through the Dardenelles
With Tommy Ticklers Jam

Bugler H Mason
17th Batt of the London Regt
23rd Nov. 1915

Notes: Tickler’s Jam was a standard issue ration to every allied solider during the war.  More info here.

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If life were a garden of roses
I’d gather the sweetest for you
The path where your footsteps reposes
I’d clear of all thorns for you

- G.F. Morris Bun???
2/East York Reg


Be cheerful. Give this lonesome world a smile.
We stay at longest but a little while.

-J.A. Matthews

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Jennie Abigail Matthews
Mountain View
Coote St.

J.A. Matthews
East Leeds
Military Hospital
Beckett St.


Maryborough was officially renamed Portlaoise in 1922.
East Leeds Military Hospital was renamed St. James’s Hospital in 1925 and then renamed again in 1970 to St. James’s University Hospital.

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A poem


There’s lots of good in
the most of us,

And there’s evil in
the best of us,

But it does not behove
any of us,

To talk about the rest of us

- Hugh/Ralph McKevin??? (name not very legible)